DG Khan Cement Company



To transform the Company into a modern and dynamic cement manufacturing company with qualified professionals and fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan.



To provide quality products to customers and explore new markets to promote/expand sales of the Company through good governance and foster a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve optimum prices of products of the Company for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of the Company.



Public Listed Company



Registration Number : CUIN 0006469
Tax Number                   : 1213275-6



Adress:Nishat House
53/A Lawrence Road, Lahore.
UAN:+92 111 11 33 33
Phone:+92 42 36360154
Fax:+92 42 36367414



DGKhan Cement Company Limited (DGKCC) was established under the management control of State Cement Corporation of Pakistan Limited (SCCP) in 1978 as private limited company. DGKCC started its commercial production in April 1986 with 2000 tons per day (TPD) clinker based on dry process technology.

Acquisition by Nishat
Nishat acquired DGKCC in 1992 under the privatization initiative of the government. After privatization the company was listed on Stock Exchanges in September 1992.

The Company is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of Cement. The Company is member of All Pakistan Cement Manufactureres Asscoiation (APCMA) and Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).



 The management foresees that your Company has splendid capability to grow and flourish further. However, organizations work in various layers of environments all of which have different spells.

It requires untiring and sincere efforts from government to support the shaky economic situation and may demand tough decisions. But decisions should be in the right direction!

Energy being the life line of economy is vital to economic growth of a country. New ventures need to be explored to generate extra energy at a cheaper rate. High increase in electricity and gas tariffs would increase the cost of business. Middle East, specifically Gaza, Syria and Iraq unrest may cast frustrating impacts on global economy including Pakistan. This unrest may result in Oil price hikes which would be translated into high inflation.

It was expected earlier that PKR would depreciate against USD but due to some better inflow position in foreign reserves the PKR was stabilized between 98-99 for few months. Owing to recent political turmoil PKR is again at 100-101 level.

In Finance Act passed in June 13 for FY14, the government has taken various steps to document the economy and to generate extra revenue from tax sources. However, due to lack of planning this put extra burden on business community. Moreover, instead of broadening tax base, government put extra burden on current tax payers in terms of documentation and additional taxes.

It is expected that local demand of cement may increase due to expected government spending on infrastructure projects. Revival activities may result in additional demand of construction material.

On the other side in FY14 we anticipate to reap the benefits of waste heat recovery plant installed at Khairpur site. We are working on sites near Lahore and Multan to process waste into refused derived fuel (projects named as Lahore Green and Multan green). These plants are now operational and would bring economy to our business process.

The company had abandoned establishing a plant in Mozambique due to lack of major infrastructure required to set up a cement plant. However, we still intend to make a venture in African Continent.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The company is operating two schools in DG khan cement bearing total annual cost of about Rs. 20 million. The company always contribute to rehabilitation activities of any natural disaster effected people. The company has made arrangements for water supply at Chakwal district. The company also donated a tractor trolley to TMA Kallar Kahar as a support for environment cleaning efforts. The company operates ambulance for its employees and nearby locality as well. The company operates a free medical center in Chakwal. Further, in case of any mishap on motorway or nearby vicinity of Khairpur factory the company provides support for restoration by providing equipments with services free of any cost.