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DG Khan Cement Company has two cement plants located in the North and South of the country with total capacity of 15,000 tons cement per day. Two different products are being produced namely Ordinary Portland cement and Sulphate Resistant Cement. These products are being marketed locally and internationally in following brands:

  •  Ordinary Portland Cement (DG brand – Grade 43)
  •  Ordinary Portland Cement (DG brand – Grade 53)
  •  Ordinary Portland Cement (Elephant Cement)
  •  Sulphate Resistant Cement (DG brand)

The Ordinary Portland Cement complies with following Pakistan & International Standards:

  •  Pakistan Standard PS 232:2008 (R)
  •  American Standard ASTM C-150 Type 1
  •  British Standard BS 12:1996 Strength Class 42.5 N/R
  •  European Standard EN 197-1/2000 CEM I 42.5N/R

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is certified by

  •  Bureau Indian Standard for IS 12269 Grade 43 & Grade 53
  •  Sri Lankan Standard Institute for SL 107 Strength Class 42.5N
  •  South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) for SANS 50197-1
  •  Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

The Sulphate Resistant Cement complies with following Pakistan & International Standards:

  •  Pakistan Standard PS 612:1989 (R)
  •  American Standard ASTM C-150 Type V
  •  British Standard BS 4027:1980

Due to ideal location of both plants, DGKCCL is supplying cement all over the country. South Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan markets are being served from Dera Ghazi Khan Plant besides export to Afghanistan via Chamman and other countries via Arabian Sea. Northern Punjab, NWFP and AJK are being served from Khairpur plant, making it more convenient to export to Afghanistan from northern border via Torkhum and to India from eastern border via Wahgah.

DGKCC has a countrywide distribution network and has more than 1000 distributors. This extensive distribution is handled by five regional sales offices. These regional sales offices operate in assigned areas and have network of dealers in each area to achieve maximum sales in their territories. Moreover, direct sales are also made to institutional Clients for Projects.

DGKCC was given “BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARD” in 2008 and our products are preferred on projects of national repute both locally and internationally due to the

  •  Unparalleled and consistent quality
  •  Prompt & professional response to enquiries
  •  Accuracy in weight with tolerance limit of +/-0.5 Kg per bag
  •  Ideal location of plants, countrywide supplies are made with minimum delivery time
  •  Presence & availability everywhere in the country especially strong presence in all provinces with the help of extensive dealers network
  •  Exceptionally high strength which means less quantity of cement produces desired results which makes our cement economically more viable than other cements in the market

DGKC is the market leader. Consistent increasing trend in our market share reflects the customer’s satisfaction on quality and services. It also reflects the precise company’s policies and marketing strategies to enhance market share.


Export Market
DGKC Market share, depicting by the following chart, showing the market share trend in every year. The increasing trend indicates the customers' trusted best product quality and company's strategies that have increased effect on DGKCC's market share.


DGKCC enjoys a good market share of Indian subcontinent, Middle East, East & South Africa. DGKCC continues to explore new markets and looking forward to new avenues in world’s growing economies.