Associated Companies


Assoicated Companies of DGKCC are as follows:

1. Nishat Mills Limited

2. Nishat Power Limited

3. Lalpir Power Limited

4. Security General Insurance Company Ltd

5. Nishat Hospitality (Pvt) Ltd

6. Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

7. Pakistan Aviators & Aviation (Pvt) Limited

8. Nishat Dairy (Pvt) Ltd

9. Nishat Hotels and Properties Ltd

10. Nishat Developers (Pvt) Ltd

11. Nishat Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd

12. Nishat Agricultural Farming (Pvt) Ltd

13. Nishat (Raiwind) Hotels and Properties Ltd

14. Nishat (Gulberg) Hotels and Properties Ltd

15. Nishat (Aziz Avenue) Hotels and Properties Ltd

16. MCB Financial Services Ltd

17. MNET Services (Pvt) Ltd

18. Euronet Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

19. Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Ltd

20. Nishat Spinning Ltd

21. Nishat Paper Products Company Ltd